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Seeds of black mustard
In stock 
We offer you the seeds of black mustard.  Purity - 98%  Moisture - 9%  Packaged in big bags of 1000 kg.  A full set of documents and certificates you need. 
Group: Mustard seeds
White beans
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
600 EUR
Wholesale: 600 EUR from 22 t.
Volume is 300 t. Packing in bags on 50 kg or big run on 1000 kg. Moisture - 14% Purity - 98% The size - 350 pieces on 100 g. Full package of documents. Delivery from 3 working days. Delivery terms of FCA, CPT, CIF.   The white beans are a valuable source of vegetable protein and have...
Group: Haricot bean
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 190 EUR from 22 t.
Lupine (from the Latin lupus, meaning wolf) - genus of annual, biennial and perennial rhizomatous as plants of the legume family. More common herbaceous, rarely shrubs. This type of plant has between 200 and 1,000 different copies (according to data from different sources), and grow in the most...
Group: Lupine
Hulled millet
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
390 EUR
Wholesale: 390 EUR from 22 t.
We want to offer you the hulled millet.  Moisture - 11.8 % Purity - 9 9.6 % Package - 50 kg, 25 kg bags or 1000 kg big bags. We provide the full package of documents: Phytocertificate. EUR 1 CERTIFICATE. FCA price Kiev is 400 euros per ton. We can also work on DAP or CIF incoterms. Maybe...
Group: Grain waste
Buckwheat Green
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
680 EUR
Wholesale: 680 EUR from 22 t.
Green buckwheat is very useful and nutritious, it sprouts this medicine, very good food and a super diet. Only sprouted it will heal, rejuvenate all the organs, enhance libido, cleanse the body on a cellular level, destroy tumors, will establish the metabolism, give you strength body - because it...
Group: Buckwheat grain
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
300 EUR
Wholesale: 300 EUR from 22 t.
Spelled  (lat Triticum spelta.), Or as it is called, emmer, - one of the few foods, 100% digestible human organism containing the greatest amount of energy life. This ancient grain has retained its original appearance, because, unlike others, is not amenable to genetic modification and...
Group: Grain-crops
Line of sorting and packings of Skals Maskinfabrik onions
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
4500000 UAH(165000 USD)
Wholesale: 160000 EUR from 1 pcs
The line completely functions investments does not demand, the manufacturer Denmark, in Ukraine since 2008. The complete package of documents, including customs declarations.
Group: Sorting machines for vegetables
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
160 USD
Wholesale: 160 USD from 100 t.
We realize corn. WHOLESALE. Volume is 7000 tons.
Group: Maize
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 500 EUR from 22 t.
Buckwheat is produced from the fruit of herbaceous plant buckwheat ( Fagopyrum ). Caloric buckwheat unground is 313 Kcal per 100 gram of product. The chemical composition of cereals unground is rich and varied, in it there are:  beta-carotene , vitamins  of group B ,  A ,  B1 ,  B2 ,  B5 ,  B6 , ...
Group: Buckwheat grain
In stock 
1200000 UAH(50000 EUR)
Year of release 2010, production Sweden, in Ukraine since 2010, a full package of documents. 4 m; 32 rows. Operation of 2793 hectares, 565 hours. Model RD 400C System of a dosage Mechanical Working width, m 4.0 Transport width, m 5
Group: Drills
Seeder universal pneumatic SPU-6M of "Berestye
In stock 
145000 UAH(6000 USD)
Year of release of 2008, production Belarus, 6 meters; 48 rows The grinder of field hinged KORNIK is universal cars for the works connected with trimming and crushing of a grass, branches, the harvest remains. They can be used in rural, forest and municipal farms. Depending on need knives or...
Group: Drills
KORNIK-2800 grinder
In stock 
5000 USD
The grinder of 2010, investments does not demand everything in working order, production Poland, in Ukraine since 2010. A full package of documents including customs declarations. The grinder of field hinged KORNIK is universal cars for the works connected with trimming and crushing of a grass,...
Group: Mulchers


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